ISBN Numbers

What is ISBN?

Since 2007 all books will be required to carry 13-digit ISBNs.
An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique, 10- or 13-digit identification number that allows publishers, libraries, and book dealers to locate books.
An ISBN is a number, not a bar code.
You cannot reuse an ISBN from another book (printed or eBook).
ISBNs are assigned to publishers and self-publishers as follows: 1, 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000 numbers.

Each ISBN is unique to a specific publisher, title, edition and format, and makes it easier for everyone in the distribution chain, including book stores, libraries, wholesalers and distributors, to have a consistent way to identify a particular book. That means that if you publish a book in paperback and ebook formats, you will use seperate ISBNs: one for each format.

In the United States, ISBNs may only be obtained from R R Bowker, and there is a processing fee that is based on the number of ISBNs requested.

Ownership of the ISBN is what distinguishes an author from a publisher.
If you assigned an ISBN that you own to the project, your publisher information will be listed.
Each project must have a different ISBN. For instance if you published an epub book, your pdf version of the book needs another ISBN number.
A unique ISBN distinguishes between different versions of a book, helping customers to be sure that they are ordering the book they want.
Please read for more information on the history and purpose of ISBNs, see

Your eBook ISBN must be owned by you or
You cannot use the ISBN you get from with another publisher or company.

If you buy a block of ISBNs, you will receive a list of numbers. The bar code of the ISBN is not included in the processing fee. You have the option of buying bar codes from Bowker, but bar codes are available from a number of sources, including free ISBN bar code generator.

If you would like can buy an ISBN number for the author. Please contact for further information
Note; once an ISBN has been applied to a project, you may not change it.
If Nur agree to publish your ebook, she will purchase one ISBN number for you and assign it to your title. However, you should be aware that the owner of the ISBN also controls the product, and you should really consider purchasing your own ISBN.
All books published through will be available for purchase on, unless you specify otherwise.