eBook Formats

eBook File Formats: ePub or Secured PDF and DRM-Free

Which software do you need to read this format?
For epub books: Adobe Digital Editions; iBookstore on ipad
For PDF books: Adobe Reader
azw: Kindle digital reader ebook format

Please specify what format ebook you want to publish of your work.

You may choose epub file for iBookstore for ipad readers, azw for amazon.com for Kindle ebook reader or pdf for Google Books and all PC/MAC users.

You need to send your work first, if you agree with the term please read and sign the ebook contract before publishing process of your ebook.


To view PDF ebooks you'll need the free Adobe Reader, if you do not have it, please download first.
Click on the Get Adobe Reader to download and install the FREE Adobe Reader.

DRM-Free eBooks

DRM-Free means no 'digital rights management,' which means no special software needed. You can read DRM-Free PDFs on any device you can read any PDF file on.

Your product manual, tutorial, or How To guide can be published as an DRM-Free eBook!

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