eBook File Formats: ePub

iBooks supports ePub digital book file type. You can sync freely available ePub files to iBooks using iTunes, or purchase or download books from the iBookstore.

Publishing ebooks at iBookstore:

Apple has established currency-specific pricing tiers for all eBooks sold in the iBookstore in the U.S. and international regions.
Apple takes a 30% commission on all sales.

How much do you make as an author per sale?

Apple retains 30% of all revenue from sales on the iBookstore.
The author receives the remaining revenue.
For instance: a book price $9.99 ebook on apple (on iBookstore) will give you $6.99.
For epub projects (on iBookstore) pricing must comply with Apple's guidelines.


More info at their website: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4059iBookstore